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(As of May 16th, 2020)

Frontier Airlines (F9) June 1st, temperatures to be taken for all passengers & team members. Any reading over 100.4* = No entry. 
They will allow you to rest a moment, and take a 2nd reading; if still over 100.4*...denial of flight; possibly reschedule your flight on a later flight or another day. Face coverings required for all passengers. Fogging disinfectant also was introduced in cleaning procedures. Fresh air from outside, mixed w/cabin air will be mixed in-flight through HEPA filters (99.7% effectiveness).  *represents degrees

United Airlines (UA) Providing hand sanitizer wipes; Touchless kiosks for check-in; Employees & customers to wear facial coverings; social distances during seating. Enhanced cabin sanitization & disinfecting every flight. State of the art circulation systems HEPA filters (like those found in hospital facilities). Pre-packaged food & beverages; Seating in aisle and window seats; entering seat order - rear 1st then front; Exiting from front to rear as before. If over 70% capacity (UA) will notify customers if they would like to re-schedule flight or come to another understanding of seat availability. Baggage area w/ sneeze guards, continued cleaning and computerized warnings of social distancing through-out the terminals.

American Airlines (AA) Face coverings required while flying. Bring your own; (AA) will provide coverings - while supplies last. Can be removed for eating & drinking. See the U.S. Dept. of State website for . specific restrictions flying into international locations. Seats may be adjusted @ time of flight to make for a more comfortable environment. Food & snacks will be limited but you can bring food & drink onboard. Planes have (HEPA) filters for cleaning air every 15-30 times per hr.

Delta Airlines (DL) The use of electrostatic sprayers are being used to sanitize their aircrafts w/a high grade disinfectant; called fogging. (HEPA) filters are being used to extract more than 99.99% of viruses. Several times a day, cleaning will be done by wiping down ticket counters, seats, baggage areas & more. Loading of seats from rear 1st... to front; middle seats will be blocked from booking. Masks & face coverings must be worn by all customers & employees. Travel kits may be requested w/face mask & sanitizing wipes.

Southwest Airlines (WN) All aircrafts equipped w/(HEPA) [High-Efficiency Particulate Air] filters; some used in hospitals to enhance air quality. More than 6 hours @ night, will be used to clean aircrafts. Suspending all onboard beverage & snack services from March 25th; until further notice. Face coverings required for customers; if you don't have 1 - 1 will be provided (starting from May 11th). Maintaining physical spacing @ airport, as well as onboard - leaving middle seats open.

JetBlue Airlines (B6) From May 4th - face coverings must be worn by all customers and employees; while boarding, in-flight and deplaning. Seating will be done by rear seating 1st followed by middle and front of plane seating. Suspended services until June 30th; except LA, NYC., San Fran., & D.C.

These policies and regulations are a summary from the following airlines. Check with each airline for more specifics or contact Hall Travel and Associates (HTA) before your next flight.

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