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Comparing Secrets Resorts vs Couples Resorts in Jamaica (Part 2)

 When comparing the Secrets Resorts to the Couples Resorts, you'd also want to consider:

Secrets Resorts and Spa are a part of a larger chain of resorts known as AMResorts. These group of resorts include: ZOETRY, SECRETS, breathless, DREAMS, now and SUNSCAPE resorts.

 So size would be the first difference. Then location; the Secrets Wild Orchid and Secrets St. James is only about a 15-20 minute ride from the Sangsters Montego Bay Airport.


+ Near the airport. Conviently located - to start your vacation quickly.

 - Some guests may say they have a problem hearing planes...we saw planes but they were too far away to hear.

 The service at Secrets Resorts is impeccable! From your check-in (they act as though your their distant cousins that you haven't seen in a long time!) In fact, you can either be pampered with attendants ready to retrieve your every call or be in complete solitude, only hearing the sound of waves, island birds and the occasional Reggae music played during your stay.

 + Outstanding service from start to finish!

 - Prices may be higher than some of their competitors but you get what you pay for.

 Overall, when comparing Secrets Resorts to Couples Resorts, ask yourself these few questions:

How far/close do we want to be from the airport?

Does the resort have exactly what I'm looking for?

How much is it?

 Secrets Resorts and Couples Resorts are both GREAT places to stay and with the right information from your trusted travel agency (Hall Travel and Associates) - your vacation will be a beautiful, successful adventure, well worth the investment!

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