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Intro To: Secrets The Vine Cancun, Mexico

 The plane's landed; you've gotten your bags & now it's time for your shared transfer to your resort. The ride's not bad, only 15 minutes or so - and being that your NOW on vacation - it still doesn't feel as though you've reached that Utopia of vacation bliss!

 You carry-on with strangers getting acquainted; asking, "Where are you from? Where are you staying?" _ only to pass the time and to keep from exploding with excitement!

  When you reach the new Secrets The Vine, in Cancun, Mexico, you'll step out of your vehicle and immediately be given a clean, damp cloth, with a refreshing crisp smell to soothe your skin, forehead and face, and realize - THIS is what you've been waiting for!

 Aahh, it's NOW official; you're finally starting to feel like you're on vacation. 

 As you enter, a well dressed doorman opens the door and says, "Adios amigos, welcome home." Beautiful arrangements of flowers are all among the room and as you reach the top of the grand stairway, you'll be presented with a glass of champagne.

 Without a moments notice, you're greeted by a kind, highly -professional customer service agent who whisks you away to give you a tour of your new home away from home for the next few days.

 This all happens at the new Secrets the Vine in Cancun, Mexico.

To find out more, contact Hall Travel and Associates to start planning a visit today!

"Land, Sea or Air; We'll Get You There"

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