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Mike Epps After Dark Tour Cleveland, Ohio

 For those of you who had the opportunity to step-out this past weekend, I hope you were able to check-out Mike Epps, Saturday night at the State Theatre; here in Cleveland, Ohio. (Nov. 22).

 Dude put on an excellent stand-up comedy show (with his MC, a comedian from the ATL and another comedian who actually looked like Justin Beaver) which had the crowd laughin' the whole night. It even seemed like Mike Epps gave the crowd a few extra bonus minutes on stage; which is always a good thing.

 He spoke about his permed-up hair-do (Ole' school playa' style), his visit to the White House, his hometown of Indi (Indianapolis, IN.) and joked about the crowd (breakin-down the whole crowd from the 60's babies to the 90's babies). It was hilarious!

 Cleveland's emergence in the limelight has continued to bring famous comedians to town with the likes of comedian Katt Williams, as well as Paul Mooney to name a few. 

 (Props go out / thanks to all those who are involved in making these shows a huge success and a great night of enjoyment for the city of Cleveland.

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