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Najee's 1st Performance at Mitchell's Ulta Lounge in Cleveland, Ohio

 Najee, a legend when thinking about his length of career; matched with a long list of jazz tunes steaming from 1986;

 This New York native and 2-time Grammy nominated saxophonist & flautist had the crowd vibin' the whole night. As with many Cleveland crowds, you really have to show us what you got before the crowd starts to give you props (proper credit) and the crowd was true to form last night.

 The 1st song performed left everyone waiting for more with a few splatter applauses through-out the audience; the band even seemed startled with the small applause but by the end of the night we all had realized that not only was Najee a great performer but was also able to hold his own with the up-&-close and personal crowd (who sometimes wanted to show-out).

 Najee's performance was strong but at times it seemed as though the sound should've been raised (in my opinion) for such a legendary performer's 1st debut in own town; but for the most part everything seemed to run without a glitch.

 The opening band - The Jay Lambert Experience, had a nice up-beat sound, somewhat similar to the band Lettuce (a big band feel) and the opening poetry by Mr. & Mrs. Smith (if my memory serves me right), was thought-provoking and heartfelt when after their performance, Mrs.Smith presented Mr. Smith with a small pink gift bag - surprising Mr. Smith with the announcement that they were expecting!

His words..."all I can say is wow!"

 Another memorable evening of great entertainment in Cleveland, Ohio.  

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