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Playa Del Carmen is Cool

 The center of Playa Del Carmen is awl-ight! and I mean that inna high level of coolness! We got to go there through Secrets Capri Resort & Spa which offers free tours there.


 We went with a handful of people from the resort - by van and was dropped off at a meet-up place (which didn't look any different than the entire complex - more about that later). Our tour guide was professional and still personable - talking about places of interest, telling jokes and then just chillin' as we enjoyed the ride.

 When we arrived and went our separate ways, we seemed to find ourselves strolling towards the ocean - beautiful! The people around looked all Mexican with a few foreigners around as well - but not too many Americans in sight. We enjoyed all the different hues of people and wandered about like we belonged there.

See for yourself here!

 We decided to grab a bite to eat but noticed many people flocking to an Asian restaurant that had all the food in shelves for everyone to view. I decided to give it a try and it was pretty damn good! A few of the guys there - ordering food - was like - what's up (?Que pasa?). In Cleveland style I knew it was all love - so I was like "chillin' chillin', ?where they got the cervesas mi amigos?" Dudes was like kick it wit us dude; we bout to hit up the store now!

 We all walk over a few paces to a store where I followed their lead and grabbed a tall boy for myself and a soda for the Mrs. We all sat and ate for a few, drinking and conversating until they had to roll out. They was like- make sure to keep your brew covered up yo; policia be trippin'!

 Gotta love that! Real recognize real. We later found ourselves walking right in the middle of a ceremonial presentation in which we quickly stepped to the side and enjoyed the show - also a great time for the Mrs. to run in the gift shop and grab a few things.

 As I watched the show and pulled out my brew every now & then, I noticed a young lady checking me out. I watched her as she looked at me put the brew down - and I figured this is not the time and place to get my buzz on - so respectfully I put it to the side - and respected their Land & presentation and she stopped checking me out. Live and learn yo.

On our way back to the rendezvous, we noticed none of the buildings we walked past reminded of us of where we needed to meet and with time passing by - it seemed as though we would have to dig out some cheese, dineros / dollars to get back to the spot!

 As we started to run down the long crowded street - (not really crowded but the Mexican peoples were just sitting on the sidelines checking out all the Americans rollin-out)...someone shouted - "You dropped your wallet!

 I lost a step in my stride, put my hand on my back pocket & was like -oh yeah! that's a good 1. My girl glanced back at me with a bit of a smile on her face - which I already knew... - she was thinkin'  - wow that was shady!

 Lol; I'll never forget that cuz that was a good 1! It made us smile in the face of adversity and that's what Mexicans have always shown us. The resilience to endure regardless of the situation - so relatable!

We found our way back just in the knick of time and the tour guide looked relieved.

 If you get a chance to visit Downtown Playa Del Carmen make sure you remember the meet-up place/drop-off place, enjoy the sites of another beautiful country, enjoy the friendly people, even take the ferry over to Cozumel...but whatever you do - don't drop your wallet!   History!

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