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Some of the Places We've Been and Some of the Fun We've Had

 Putting together activities for my family, church and friends is an activity I love to do. Some of what we've done are things like visit the Amish country, Hartville's Flea Market, Pittsburgh, PA. to see the Christmas lights, shopping at outlet stores, visiting the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio, having lunch on the Nautica Queen, and taking the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Train ride from Cleveland to Akron, Ohio.

                                                Take a Look!

Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Train Ride


 On one of our recent trips on the train, I'd put together inexpensive games for the group. One of the games I call "The Bubble Game." After chewing gum for a few minutes, volunteers are asked to try and blow as many bubbles as possible within a 10 second time limit. So far, the record is 8 bubbles and the faces & fun...unforgettable!

 Another game we played was "The Bible game." This is played by each person receiving $3.00 and when I give them the name of a book in the Bible, they have 1 chance to open it up and try to open it to the exact book. For each book that they're away from the book called, they lose $1.00. If they open it up on the book called, they keep all $3.00! A BIG HIT with the teenagers!

 And then there's "The Paper Clip Game." The game starts with each person getting a paper clip. The front row on each side of the car (train car) has to attach their paper clips together and then pass them behind to the couple sitting behind them. It continues to the end of the car and the side who finishes first wins a sucker! The losing team gets 1 too but winners get first choice.

 When the winning side won, they all let out a huge cheer! You would've thought that they had just won $500.00! It was so much noise coming from our train car, other people from other cars began to come and take a look to see what all the commotion was about! All they got was a sucker & they were happy with that.

 There are other things to plan that aren't that costly.

Ever thought of a Winter picnic? I'll serve chili and chicken wings outside. Great for days sledding & going tobogganing!

 Have you ever thought about cleaning-out the garage and having dinner in the garage for those who are handicapped? This was something I did for some of the people I knew who had a hard time going up & down stairs. Bring in a few heaters and it's sure to be a success!

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