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Something About That 1st Cruise Part 3

 You've just completed checking-in for your cruise, you've walked across the gangway, been star-struck by the Atrium, now what's next?


 Is it time to party? Relax? Get your grub on? Well, the rest is about up to you. Putting those bags away will certainly tie-in there... (one way or another) but that may not even be your 1st stop.


 Once you're settled, there's ALL KINDS OF THINGS you can do: Since you'll be leaving Miami, or your particular (port of departure)-wherever your cruise ship leaves from -  you might want to start off with your favorite refreshment and  head-up to one of the top decks to take in the breeze, as you prepare for your cruise.

It's also a great place to take photos!


 Hungry? No problem. The FOOD'S INCLUDED IN YOUR PRICE, so go right ahead; get your grub on.


You're most likely to find people lining-up at the grills set-up near the pool area.


Stay tuned for more of Something About That 1st Cruise

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