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The Kings of the Mic Tour - (Dela Soul, Public Enemy, Ice Cube & LL Cool J) Cleveland, Ohio


 June 25, 2013, Cleveland, Ohio hosted the Kings of the Mic Tour at Jacobs Pavilion at the Nautica.

 Tuesday night seemed to be a bad time to have any concert (especially one of this status-Dela Soul, Public Enemy, Ice Cube and LL Cool J). Maybe the schedule would only allow them here for that night; whatever the case, hundreds showed-up to enjoy some ole' school hip hop on the shores of the Cuyahoga River.

 From the start, one of NYC's DJ's got the crowd into a good feel; with ole' school cuts, like Flashlight, songs by Whodini and several other ole' school cuts. His stand-out comment to the crowd was, "We come in peace. One love!"

(Viewers Discretion is Advised-Explicit Lyrics)

 Dela Soul added more excitement and continued to try to get the crowd amped! They performed songs like, "

 Public Enemy continued it's hard-core barrage of jams like, "Fight the Power and Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos." And later, the thunder & lighting set a great back drop for Ice Cube and Dub C, as they showed Cleveland some love; performing some of their old cuts from NWA and also from his single recordings, which was non-stop "Gansta!" To name a few were songs like, "Natural Born Killaz" and "Today was a Good Day."

 LL Cool J ended the night with songs like, "Mama said Knock you Out" and "Hey Love."

 Overall, a great perfomance rain or shine. The pavilion is covered, which leaves the audence & performers in-tact.

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