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Traveling With The Family Can Be Fun

 Going on vacation can be a great time. Relaxing, dining, golfing, swimming, jet name it! Going with your family and friends just makes it even better; making "NOW" memories with your loved ones.

 Here's some suggestions & tips for your next family vacation.

Know your budget & also do research on different packages & compare prices; try a new hotel or resort to save money - (soft opening).

Decide what you want (cruise, B & B, All-Inclusive Resorts)

Be flexible (try to go on vacation off-season) to save money & it's usually less crowded.

Get the kids involved (Ask them what they like. Want a hotel on the beach? Kids camps, room service, golf, tennis?)

 Here's some hotels that might help with large families.

(4 Bedroom Villas, kids club, night club, 18-hole golf course).

(2-3 Bedrooms, giant aquarium, 11 years old & under

(3 Bedrooms, X-Box Arcade, teen nightclub, water-slide &

(3 Bedroom Penthouse Suites, kids club, nightclub, resort


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